Sharp Carbides/Extended Life

All people ever ask when shopping carbides: How long do they last?  Think about that question with traditional wedge shaped carbides.  They get flatter/duller with every mile of wear, so the real question is, how long do they stay effective?  The answer, they become ineffective wear pads when they can no longer cut.  This can happen in just hundreds of miles. If you keep traditional carbides on until the carbide actually disintegrates, on average, they only last 1000 miles or so.   

Our carbides, never go dull.  They are a 1/16" wide carbide blade that is always exposed, retaining a cutting edge for its entire life.  3,000 miles is not uncommon on 1 set of SnowTrackers, 5,000 miles is mentioned often, and even as many as 7,000 miles has been achieved.  So not only do they stay sharp for as long as there is carbide in the blade, but they also have an extended life over any other carbide on the market.