Carbides, runners, skegs and now the market has carbide blades.  The only 1/4" wide runner on the market that penetrates like it should and designed to stay sharp with simple engineering instead of getting flatter with every mile of wear.  Carve like never before through the entire life of the carbide rather than always worrying about your runners getting duller as you put on the miles. 

These are a direct replacement skeg for all OEM skis from 2000 to present.

EverLaster Carbide Blade-Z are made up of 4, 1/16" wide x 1.5" long carbide inserts up on edge to create 6" of blade, brazed into a 1/4" wide hardened steel host bar that's up on edge as a blade.  This design allows the system to wear like a pencil in a pencil sharpener, continuously exposing new carbide (lead) as the host bar and carbide wear (pencil gets sharpened) together.


These are a de-tuned version of the center carbide blade found in the SnowTrackers.  They provide 5/8" of penetration and in appropriate cases have a rocker to match the OEM ski.  The carbide inserts are 3/8" tall so they provide a lot of life in the runner.  The blade is machined from sheets of plate steel so the mounting studs are not welded in, they are a 1 piece skeg, so no more broken welds.

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