PREMIUM (Aggressive) SnowTrackers – 7 ½” of carbide, 1 1/8” deep carbide penetration, and approximately 1” of U-Blade (stabilizers or outside keels) penetration.  These have proven to be the most effective for soft snow carving and trail efficiency, therefore should be considered in most applications.  It can be argued that with an un-studded, short track sled, that is never driven over 60 mph the Premiums are not necessary.  The advantage is not just penetration though.  With Premiums, your sled's suspension set up starts with aligning your skis to 0 degrees, then removing 80%-90% of the ski pressure while still retaining carving performance.  So Premiums reduce friction and heavy steering tremendously by design, but also through suspension changes.  This combination extends product life by hundreds or even thousands of miles.

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