Striking Distance Sales & Associates, LLC is the manufacturer of a snowmobile/ATV/UTV tie down system that you can see more about at www.oktain.com.  We are also the exclusive U.S. distributor for      SCM-GL Inc., the manufacturer of SnowTrackers, EverLaster Carbide Blade-Z and WheelTracker. 

We take phone orders mostly (1-855-387-8757) but you can also Shop Here (SnowTrackerUSA.com) and EverLasterUSA.com. 

We have been the exclusive U.S. warehouse distributor stocking all SnowTracker and EverLaster products in Maine since 2013. 

We sell to consumers at MSRP and dealers at wholesale pricing by phone and online.  We accept all major credit cards, offer free shipping, and ship within 24 hours of receiving payment.